Root Canal

Save your tooth and relieve severe tooth pain.

What’s a Root Canal?

A treatment that eliminates bacteria from your infected tooth.

A man holding his jaw because of severe tooth pain

Are you suffering from extreme tooth pain and sensitivity?

You may need a root canal procedure! This removes infected soft tissue from inside your tooth to prevent infection from spreading, get you out of pain, and save your tooth.

At Distinctive Dental Care, our goal is to restore your oral health in the most comfortable environment.

Contact us if you think you need a root canal, but don’t delay – the longer you wait, the more you’re at risk for severe pain!

Avoid a Tooth Extraction

A root canal treatment saves your natural tooth while restoring its strength and beauty.

Easy to Maintain

Root canals don’t need special upkeep. Just keep brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist regularly.


Patients often claim they felt instant pain relief after removing the infection.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

Enjoy a stress-free experience at our office.

Drs Paul and Aaron Wulff at Distinctive Dental Care

You don’t have to walk into a dental office without knowing what will happen during your procedure ever again.

Drs. Paul and Aaron Wulff prioritize forming relationships with patients like you to ensure your questions and concerns are addressed before the procedure.

We know a root canal may sound intimidating – but it doesn’t have to be.

You’ll have a relaxing procedure here with:

  • In-office amenities: You’ll feel relaxed with our neck pillows, blankets, paraffin hand wax (every patient’s favorite!), and more.
  • Modern technology: Our advanced technology enhances the effectiveness of your root canal treatment for minimal discomfort and an easy-going experience.
  • Experience: We’re a family-owned dental office that’s been providing high-quality dentistry to our community since 1987.

Have a stress-free root canal at Distinctive Dental Care.

Step 1:

We’ll perform a thorough inspection of the tooth to determine if a root canal is your best option.

Before treatment, we’ll administer a local anesthetic to numb the area, making your procedure painless and stress-free.

Step 2:

Once the infection is removed, the inside of your tooth is cleaned, disinfected, filled, and sealed.

Step 3:

You’ll be able to resume your routine right after your root canal. Continue to care for your teeth as you usually would with brushing, flossing, and visiting us for routine exams and cleanings.

Eliminate Tooth Pain and Get Your Life Back!

Schedule your root canal treatment today.