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Why You Should Fix A Chipped Tooth

You’re in left field, the batter hits the ball, it flies through the air, you raise your gloved to catch it . . . and get hit in the face instead. Not only have you lost the game, but you have chipped a tooth as well. But at least a chipped tooth isn’t a big deal . . . or is it? Learn more about chipped and cracked teeth and how you can treat them before your next ball game.

Problems Caused By Chipped Teeth

What’s the big deal about a little crack in your tooth? Well, it can cause several problems, including:

  • An altered appearance
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Pain
  • Decay
  • Infection/abscess

Fixing Chipped Teeth

You should see your dentist as soon as possible for treatment in order to prevent the development of oral health problems, even if the chip is small. Depending on the severity of the crack, your dentist will provide treatments such as:

  • Dental Bonding: This fuses a resin material to your teeth for minor problems and chips.
  • Dental Veneers: These tooth-colored shells cover the front of teeth to alter appearance and coloring.
  • Dental Crowns: A crown covers weak or broken teeth to protect them.

Preventing Chipped Teeth

Even when you receive treatment from a restorative dentist, your tooth won’t be as strong as it once was. Keep good oral hygiene and take steps to prevent a tooth from cracking again such as:

  • Wearing a mouthguard while playing sports
  • Avoid chewing on hard objects like fingernails and pens
  • Wearing a night guard if you grind your teeth while sleeping
  • Removing oral piercings